Monday, October 13, 2008

Which One?

With it getting closer time for us to PCS back to the states Bill and I have been tossing around the idea of getting a new vehicle. We sold his POS on Friday and ran with the money back to the bank. It was a blessing to see that thing leave. It needed a lot of work but it now also leaves us down to one vehicle. With me going back to the states for 2 weeks and as soon as I get home he leaves for a TDY for the month we can do okay with one vehicle. With that said, we decided that yes we were going to buy a new vehicle. We were going to get a Dodge Caliber but after him test driving it and me sitting in one we realized that it was not the vehicle for us.

With the kids getting older and not in the need of a mini van anymore we want something that had plenty of space. We looked at the Dodge Journey and also test drove it that same day. After building one to our own specifications we still didn't know for sure if that's what we wanted. We talked about it for an hour or so and decided that yes this is what we are going to get. We have now placed our order and it's now all about waiting. We won't be getting it until January so it's Merry Christmas to Bill and I.

Not only will we have to wait but we will also be arguing over the fact of who gets to drive the new vehicle. Bill hates driving the van but on the other hand now that we will have a DVD player in the new vehicle I want to drive it so Tristan will have something to watch in the mornings on the way to the bus stop but I guess we will have to learn how to take turns now too.


SJSFalter+ said...

That is so awesome. Congrats on the new vehicle, even if you have to wait forever. Heck I guess its not that long, thats just as long as we have to wait to go to Vegas. OMG I wont even get to see this new piece of awesomeness so I expect pictures!